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Lady Jamiese Hamilton

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Brief Biographical Sketch of

First Lady Jamiese M. Hamilton



First Lady Jamiese M. Hamilton is an outstanding educator, visionary leader, life-coach, conference host and women’s advocate whose enthusiastic, relatable, and practical approach to ministry gives her a cutting-edge into the needs of today’s 21st century church body. In her straightforward fashion, Lady Jamiese offers God’s Word woven with practical application encounters to engage lives with flexibility and transformation and is currently and actively involved in shepherding Zion Church, Inc., Birmingham, AL where she serves in ministry alongside her husband, Apostle Joseph Hamilton.

Lady Jamiese Hamilton is an experienced clinician who combines her spiritual gifts and psychological expertise to advocate for women and children affected by the torment of mental health illness and thereby improving their quality of life.  Using her education, work experience and equipped with credentials as an ordained elder she “skillfully synthesizes the sacred and the scientific” into a teaching, speaking approach  that brings healing, liberation, and empowerment to those who will receive it. All of these qualities make First Lady Jameise a rare gem who is known to many in her sphere as an empowerment specialist.

Lady Jamiese Hamilton is respected as a specialist in the science of prayer and spiritual warfare, and in the operation of spiritual gifts.  With over 25+ years in ministry, she is renowned for her gifts of teaching, emotional healing, intercession, revelation, and keen prophetic insight. Due to her psychological and ministerial training, she is known as a survival strategist who dares to engage individuals to repair breached or difficult relationships within themselves, interpersonal relationships with others and peace with God,  which leads to maximum personal growth and happiness.

Lady Jamiese is gifted with excellent communication and organizational skills and serves at Zion Church as president of the women’s auxiliary, Women’s Focus, and also maintains oversight, tutelage, and training to the women within the Apostolic International Alliance (AIA), an ecumenical fellowship designed to provide spiritual oversight, and support to pastors and leaders globally, where the founder and Presiding Apostle is her husband. She illustrates servant leadership in action and believes that servant leadership is not a technique;  but rather a lifestyle. She passionately expresses that, “We must live our message for our message to have life. To me, that’s what servant leadership is all about.”

Lady Jamiese Hamilton summarizes  her  two-fold life mission as follows:

 “… to empower individuals with Truth to break their cycles of self-destruction and to develop them to maximize their potential and fulfill their life’s assignment,” and “to simply inspire and empower as many people as possible, one person at a time. One person at a time meaning we will never be too busy to help one person in need.”


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