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Apostolic International Alliance Officers

A.I.A. Presidium

Apostle Joseph Hamilton, Founder & Presiding Prelate
Apostle Lee Henderson, Sr., Vice Presiding Bishop & Director of Credentials & International Liaison
Bishop Vant Hardaway, 1st Assistant & Membership Director
Apostle Robert McClain, 2nd Assistant & AIA Advisory
Ascending Apostle Rodney G. Brown, General Secretary & Director of Public Relations

Prophet Jeremy McDonald, Assistant General Secretary
Ascending Apostle Noah Rocker, Budget Chairman & Director of Youth
Dr. Janice Hardaway, Education & Training
Lady Jamiese Hamilton, Director of Women’s Ministry
Lady Mona Henderson, 1st Assistant
Pastor Anthony & Evangelist Phyllis Gerald, Directors of Evangelism
Pastor Jacqueline McClain, Clergy Wives Advisory

Elder Antonio Biggs, Director of Finance
Brother Joshua Hamilton, Minister of Music
Prophetess Deon Edward, Minister of Sacred Arts
Elder Michael Swinney, Conference Coordinator
Brother Gabriel Swinney, Assistant Conference Coordinator
Minister JonAnthony D. Jefferson, Adjutant General
Sister Joniece Woods, Administrative Assistant
Minister Meagan Jefferson, Hospitality Coordinator
Sister Lori Madison, Director of Media Ministry
Brother Jerome Edwards, Special Assistant
Minister Antonio Wyatt, Special Assistant